Boyertown High School “Old Building” Commemorative Plaques

These commemorative plaques are made from 97-year-old pieces of chalkboard slate removed from the “old building”. The slate was originally installed in 1921 when the school opened. The plaque bases are made from 84-year-old chestnut wood salvaged from the “old building” teacher closets. The size of the plaques are 9″ by 7″. The plaques are $40 a piece plus a $5 shipping and handling fee. One hundred percent of the profits from the sale of the plaques will go towards history preservation at the high school.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you purchase one plaque for $40 plus $5 shipping, you may order additional plaques for $35 without the shipping charge. That’s a savings of $10 for each additional plaque you purchase.

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